Distinctive thanks to their fruity flavour, most of the grapes for our Grüner Veltliner Federspiel Rossatz come from the Steiger vineyard.

Steiger covers the area along the Danube stretching from Rossatzbach to the town of Rossatz. Although situated so closely to the Danube, the location must be considered a slope toe in geological terms. Deep soils characterised by erosion material not only produce fine fruity wines but also rich Smaragds.

Town: Rossatz
Size in ha: 19,84
Altitude in m: 201 - 224
Average Slope in %: 6
Max. Slope in %: 29
Terraced vineyard: No
Distance to Danube in m: 108

The Soil

Facing the Danube, the gently sloping Steiger vineyard is a prime example for a footslope location. Colluvial deposits of paragneiss, several metres thick, ensure a balanced water supply even in hot and dry summers. Moreover, the humus-rich topsoil improves water absorption and the water storage capacity, and supplies the vines with all essential nutrients. The soil contains some carbonate, which is an indication for a moderate loess fraction in the parent material.