Welcome to the right bank of the Danube. It’s the quieter, more laid-back part of the Wachau. The perfect place if going against the flow, taking things slowly and having fun doing it is more your thing.

This side of the Danube is a cool place – in every sense. The woods of the Dunkelsteinerwald shapes the climate here, and the cool winds that roll down the hillside give the grapes their burst of freshness. Perfect for producing super-elegant, crisp wines.



What makes our side of the river so special? For a start, all the best Heuriger wine taverns are here. And a new generation of winemakers are showing just what they can do. Lots of them produce organic wines. On top of that, there’s those spectacular views – just like the one from our cherry tree in the Mugler vineyard. You can see the Danube from there, with panoramic views of Dürnstein in the background. Just take a seat on the bench next to the old wooden hut and see for yourself. We’ve spruced it up nicely. And if you look closely, you’ll see it on our labels, too.