Frauenweingärten refers to the vineyards on the slopes between Rossatzbach and Rossatz. The nutrient-rich soil found here provides ideal conditions for producing expressive wines, mostly Grüner Veltliner.

Town: Rossatz
Size in ha: 21,13
Altitude in m: 200 - 246
Aspect: E
Max. Slope in %: 48
Terraced vineyard: No
Distance to Danube in m: 27

The Soil

The gentle western slopes of the Frauenweingärten vineyard are composed of metre-thick glacial loess. On the upper slope, there are varying extents of paragneiss- and migmatite-amphibolite material additions transported from the nearby Dunkelstein Forest. This makes for a lighter soil texture and reduces the carbonate content. The profile clearly shows the individual layers of relocated loess with various contents of paragneiss material.